Showing Consultation

THI’s Showing Consultation is a quick, non-invasive review of all major systems, done entirely at the initial showing!

Designed to identify major deal breakers, the Showing Consultation allows buyers to make expedited, stronger, and more confident offers with their current knowledge of the home.

To build a proper repair list, budget, and to line up trade professionals, we strongly encourage our clients to reserve the right to conduct home inspections for informational purposes.

Our flat hourly rate structure allows multiple properties to be analyzed in a set time block. Book multiple showings at once!

To say thank you for using the showing consultation, we are happy to offer a discount on a home inspection for that property.

With such a heated sales environment in today’s real-estate market, the waiving of inspection has become much more commonplace. While this approach provides an incentive to the seller, it can sometimes place the buyer in hot water, ultimately finding out they’ve landed a lemon. In order to still provide peace of mind to the buyer, Tennessee Home Inspectors (THI) is launching a new service called a Showing Consultation.

Much like a traditional Home Inspection, the Showing Consultation utilizes THI’s expertise in homes to visually verify the buyer’s property is a sound financial decision. This verification provides confidence in investment, knowing the quality of the property while still feeling comfortable in waiving the inspection during the offer period.

The pricing structure for this service is at a flat rate of $135/hr, with distance charges if applicable. Sessions are available at a minimum consultation time of 1 hour. Unlike a traditional inspection, pictures are not provided, as this is not enforceable as a standard home/property inspection would be.

If major issues arise at any time during this consultation, the buyer can choose to upgrade this service to a full inspection or maintenance report. As costs have already been incurred scheduling the consultation, this is considered and appropriately discounted from the following inspection or report. Unless this upgrade takes place at the beginning of the consultation, this service transfer will typically take place at a later scheduled time.

With the Showing Consultation service, it is our responsibility to help provide peace of mind to the buyer. Below you will find the steps on how we plan to approach this challenge, as well as other information that may be applicable to the buyer.

The buyer contacts THI, scheduling a set time and place for the inspector to arrive. Unlike traditional home inspections, this scheduled time can be used across multiple properties. This initial time will also be used to estimate a time allotment as well as calculate costs for the buyer.

After a time has been scheduled, the inspector most appropriate for the buyer’s location and property type will be assigned. The buyer’s agent will schedule the showing with the listing agent. It is best to be open about what is taking place as listing agents love offers that waive inspection contingencies.

Upon arriving, the buyer’s assigned inspector will begin a short, non-invasive, visual only review of all major systems within the home/property. While the following list of examination areas are explicitly defined, the inspector can choose at any time to inspect other obvious issues or deal breakers within the home/property. 

  • Attic
  • Crawlspace
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Structure
  • Roof

After the Showing Consultation has concluded, the buyer will receive a verbal summary of the home/property. This analysis is provided to the buyer on the spot, entirely at the time of the showing. If the buyer is unable to attend, a 3 way call with inspector, client, and agent will be conducted. Buyers and agents are encouraged to take their own pictures and notes.

“The Showing Consultations were just what we needed. We flip houses In Nashville and have to make a decision fast without waiting for a full home inspection. The big ticket items were the only concern. Great product, great service.”

The House Buyin Guys