Tennessee Home Inspectors has a good working relationship with the following companies. These vendors are part of our Trusted Tradesmen program available to our Home Patrol Maintenance customers. To access discounts available through these companies, please login or register to view these discounts as a member of the Home Patrol Maintenance program. Not a member, yet? Get Pricing & Booking Now.  

THI’s Trusted Tradesmen

Durett Radon Mitigation

https://www.durrettradonmitigation.com/ Category: Radon Mitigation

Ace Exterminators

https://aceexterminating.net/ Category: Pest Control

Secure 24 / NTT

https://www.secure-24.com/ Category: Security Systems (residential and commercial)

Pro Pool Inspectors

https://propoolinspectors.com/ Category: Pool Inspectors

Frost Environmental

https://www.frostenvironmental.com/ Category: Lead, Asbestos and Air Quality Mitigation

Move On

https://www.choosemoveon.com/ Category: Moving Company


http://rtmroofing.com/ Category: Roofing Company