Are you already a Certified Home Inspector?
Or, are you interested in becoming a Certified Home Inspector?

THI is constantly growing so we are always on the lookout for honest and qualified talent! We work hard to be good to and good for our employees because we firmly believe that our customer’s experience will never exceed our employee’s experience.

At THI our employees buy into our core beliefs that everybody needs an advocate, an unbiased set of eyes is indispensable and that home inspections should be affordable.

We hold our employees to these six principles:

  1. I am a knowledgeable, unbiased inspector and honorable advocate
  2. Growth, improvement and development are a necessity, not an inconvenience
  3. I have a gritty, dedicated, optimistic and enthusiastic attitude
  4. My image represents the quality and excellence of my work
  5. I listen, communicate and follow up with all of my customers
  6. I’m part of a drama free fellowship that equips each other for success

If you think that you’d be a good fit at Tennessee Home Inspectors, Apply Now!

Tools of a Home Inspector

A home inspector’s toolkit contains numerous items, but you’ll collect many of them after you’ve been in the business for a while. Experience is a great teacher. But some tools are important for home inspections from day one.