Every two years, real estate agents search for CE credits that are not only educational, but also relevant and entertaining.

To meet your needs, THI has registered with TREC as a real estate school that offers multiple CE classes for your ongoing education and benefit. At no cost to you, enjoy a comfortable and sponsored class packed with valuable information.

Courses Available:

Home Inspections for Listing Agents

Get the ANGST out of INSPECTIONS! Tips to win more listings, improve marketing, list better houses, receive better offers, and provide a better client experience. Attendees will learn about the home inspection process and how it pertains to sellers of real estate from a knowledgeable and experienced home inspector. The expert inspector will offer tips that have been picked up along the way from his accumulated exposure to thousands of home inspections.

Home Inspections for Buyer’s Agents

This class covers the fundamentals of the Home Inspection process from start to finish. Why do we do inspections? What is included and what isn’t? What other inspections should we consider? What do I do with it now that I’ve got it? How can you best serve your buyer’s interest and protect yourself? Who is a deal killer and what the heck is their problem? Spend some time with a seasoned Home Inspector and learn more than you wanted to know about buyer’s inspections.

Home Inspections from Investors’ Perspectives

Whether dealing with a seasoned investor or brand new to the business, unforeseen problems can be the difference between making a great profit and losing your shirt. Can you spot it from the road? Seasoned Home Inspector Aaron Schroer is going to go over the major systems of a home and teach you how to identify some common and lesser known items to be on the lookout for when you are considering making offers on investment properties. This class is for investors and agents working with them.

Contact our office for upcoming classes and locations or to schedule a private class for your company.

Continuing Education