A home purchase is one of the most significant reserves in most people’s life. The goal of the Home Inspection Brentwood TN is to instruct you on the present condition of the home so you can make a well-informed decision. Tennessee Home Inspector has many years combined experience in most stages of residential construction and commercial inspections. Tennessee Home Inspector takes pride in each Home Inspection Franklin TN and report.  You will work with one person. Tennessee Home Inspector does not hire any Home Inspector Brentwood TN with less experience to complete the inspection. Honesty, integrity, reasonable rates and friendly customer service is the foundation for Tennessee Home Inspector. Having both construction and commercial experience gives Tennessee Home Inspector a unique viewpoint which enables us to provide quality inspection service and experience for every customer by our Best Home Inspector Nashville.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase Home Inspection Lebanon TN stares at many important parts of the home including foundation, reachable framing, roof systems, plumbing and electrical, the heating and cooling systems, insulation and many more possible areas. Tennessee Home Inspector inspects homes of all ages. Tennessee Home Inspector will inspect all of those areas you didn’t have time to look at when you were busy finding that perfect property.  There are so many major issues to consider when finding your new home, no buyer has the time and most just don’t have the information to look at the areas which may have any kind of problem.  Not many people get in the edge space when they are looking for a new home.  When hiring Tennessee Home Inspector for a pre-purchase professional home inspection we do the dirty work for you and will bring along our years of experience in the construction and commercial business.Property Home Inspector in Lebanon TN

A pre-purchase Home Inspection Mt Juliet TN gives you a better appreciative of the overall condition of the home. In Nashville, many of the property is built on edge spaces.  The edge space is a place most buyers don’t look when shopping for property. If a buyer does look they normally pull the door open and take a rapid peek in.  The common of the issues in edge spaces happen to happen in the most difficult place to approach. Tennessee Home Inspector will take the time to discover the home you’re purchasing from the roof to the base and identify the problems. Whether it’s a leaking or elderly roof, leaking plumbing in the edge space, to unsuitably wired electrical in the electric panel. The hard to reach places are where the issues are exposed. Tennessee Home Inspector puts on our defensive equipment and devotes a lot of time trying to approach those hard to reach points and check out the condition of the home.

Radon Testing

Tennessee Home Inspector offers professional Radon testing services for the Nashville area. The Nashville area is in the Zone 1 of the EPA Radon Map production it a high-risk part. The following sections in the Nashville area fall under the Zone 1 rating; Davidson Region, Williamson Region, Wilson Region, Rutherford Region. These regions which fall into the zone 1, are anticipated to have a normal risk higher than 4.0pCi/l. This 4.0pCi/l level and advanced is the level at which radon justification systems should be installed, per the EPA, to support to reduce the levels within the living space. More information on Radon in your home and the special effects can be found on the EPA’s website. Radon testing can be done at the time of your property or home inspection for a reasonable fee.