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Inspection Sample Report

We have posted a few sample reports from our licensed home inspectors, each with great reviews. You will notice that the reports are thorough and detailed yet easy to read and have pictures of defects and needed repairs in the body. Each system of the report is covered in its own section. i.e. Electrical, Plumbing, Structure, HVAC etc. We organize data further into subsections for convenience. There is a quick summary at the end of the report for your realtor to use to draft a repair request. Everyone from home buyers to investors and realtors have found this system to be best. Tennessee Home Inspectors has developed this method from feedback while surveying past clients. If it works for them it will also be best for you.

We typically dispatch inspectors by area to save you money on travel charges But, you are always welcome to request your favorite or best inspector for your property inspection.

Aaron Schroer

Home Inspection Report conducted by Inspector: Aaron Schroer TN HI Lic. # 1084

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Home Inspection Report conducted by Inspector: Collin Minchey TN HI Lic. # 1495

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Home Inspection Report conducted by Inspector: Nick Toth TN HI Lic. # 1624

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