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The Tennessee Home Inspector is your best source for Nashville area professional home inspections. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, Tennessee Home Inspector comprehensive services will give you a complete peace of mind and support you in a smooth real estate transaction. While you don’t have to be present for your home or commercial inspection, Tennessee Home Inspector invite you to be a part of it and ask any questions about your inspection you may have during the process. In addition to pre-purchase property inspections, professional Home Inspector Joelton like Tennessee Home Inspector also inspect homes after new construction and before new construction. A proper property inspection will make the buyer and/or seller aware of the condition of every major and minor part from the roof to the basement, Major and minor shortages, Any major and minor expenses necessary, Helpful home protection tips, Safety interests and much more.

Home Inspector Joelton

To find out more about what The Tennessee Home Inspector can do for you or to plan an appointment, call Tennessee Home Inspector today. Tennessee Home Inspector trusts in reliability and honesty in everything that they do. They struggle to deliver both corporate and personal service.  By standing behind every professional and comprehensive home inspection they complete, Tennessee Home Inspector promise a standard of precision and accurateness. Their goals are simple to measure the components of your house and to provide a professional and easy to read a report to help you make your purchase decision better. Tennessee Home Inspector commits themselves to continued learning in order to stay up-to-date with the latest business principles. Tennessee Home Inspector believe in providing top-quality professional service before, during, and after the property inspection by professional Home Inspector Joelton.

bets Home Inspector Joelton

It is always a good idea to confirm that utilities (gas, water, and electric) have been turned on, either by you or the Builder varying on the Builder’s policy. The property inspection should be arranged just a day or two before your final walk through with the Builder. This will certify that most, if not all, last minute items have been completed earlier to your inspection. At the decision of the inspection, a completed comprehensive report will be issued to you.

Home Inspector Joelton

A home inspection is a graphical process where all of the items typically used within a home are inspected and operated to verify suitable operation or installation. Doors and windows are opened and closed, roofing materials examined, air-conditioning and heating systems functioned. The professional Home Inspector Joelton at Tennessee Home Inspector will fill the sinks and tub(s), run the shower(s), and flush the toilets. All the while making notes on the present condition and setup of the components verified. Upon conclusion and easy to read the report will be issued to you. New construction property inspections by Tennessee Home Inspector is performed at the conclusion of construction, but earlier to your final walk through with the Builder’s Customer Service Representative or Supervisor.

For The Buyer

A home inspection by professional Home Inspector Joelton gives the buyer assurance that the house they want to purchase is efficient and safe. It also lets them know about any major and minor needed repairs. Tennessee Home Inspector desire is to educate the buyer on major maintenance and care of their dream home.

Advantages of the buyer include:                       

  • Assurance in your purchase.
  • Valuable systems reporting.
  • Protection for present and future largest investments.

 For The Seller                                         

A home inspection provides the seller with the capability to market their house more professionally and ultimately sell it faster and for more money. It provides potential buyers with greater peace of mind and takes that problem away from them. It also provides you with the chance to make any major and minor needed repairs to your home in advance, furthering the selling process.  Pre-listing home inspections by professional Home Inspector Joelton like us is recommended for all sellers.

Advantages of the seller include:

  • Speeds up the selling procedure.
  • Greater peace of mind for potential buyers.
  • Adds and supports value throughout the selling procedures.
  • Increases buyer happiness and satisfaction.

What is a Home Inspection?

A professional and comprehensive home inspection by Tennessee Home Inspector is a non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home. This is supported out by a Home Inspector Joelton, who usually has special apparatus and training to carry out such a professional inspection. A Tennessee Home Inspector will check the roof, basement, heating method, water heater, air-conditioning arrangement, structure, plumbing, electrical, and many other important aspects of buildings looking for improper building practices, those items that require general repairs, items that are general maintenance issues, as well as fire, safety, and health hazards. Think of a Tennessee Home Inspector as an investigator searching throughout the house for signs that lead to a conclusion of the home’s overall accurate condition.

Why Choose Tennessee Home Inspector?

A comprehensive property inspection is a non-invasive photographic examination of a residential home, which is designed to identify experiential material defects within specific mechanisms of the residence. Tennessee Home Inspector Certified and Licensed Home Inspector Joelton will inspect your Nashville property following standards of practice, which include coverage and valuation of the following systems and structure:

Exterior/Structure: Wall Covering, Wall Structure, Grading, Drainage, Landscape, Pool, Exterior Components

Roof Components: Covering, Decking, Flashing, Eaves and Soffits, Gutters, Drainage, Shape

Plumbing System: Water Entrance, Waste, Drainage, Supply Piping, Water Heater, Venting, Fixtures

Electrical System: Entrance Cable and Service, Panels, Circuits and Conductors, Detectors, Outlets, Switches, Fixtures.

Attic: Sheathing, Roof Structure, Insulation, Ceiling Structure, Ventilation, Truss System.

Interior: Entry Doors, Windows, Flooring, Walls, Interior Doors, Ceilings, Appliances and All Permanent Fixtures

Heating, Cooling, and HVAC: Air Handler, Condenser Unit, Differential Testing, Electrical Disconnect Boxes and Registers, and vents.

What Items Are Inspected?            

Tennessee Home Inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of your property as professional and comprehensive home inspection, inside and out.
As an expert Tennessee Home Inspector, we have the information and expertise to provide you with a thorough and professional, accurate, non-intrusive, visual home inspection of your home, from roof to basis. Here are certain of the many items Tennessee Home Inspector will be looking at during your home inspection:

  •        Foundation and support structure
  •        Fireplaces
  •        Roof systems
  •        Water heater
  •        Ventilation
  •        Electrical service capacity & components
  •        Electrical branch circuits & components
  •        Structural integrity
  •        Steps and stairs
  •        Heating system
  •        Central Air Conditioning system
  •        Walks and driveways
  •        Built-in appliances
  •        Plumbing system & fixtures
  •        Garages
  •        Carports
  •        Surface drainage
  •        Windows & doors
  •        Insulation
  •        Gutters & downspouts
  •        Decks
Possible inspections include lawn filter systems, swimming pools, and outbuildings.

For more information on quality home inspection, please browse the rest of Tennessee Home Inspector website, and be assured to check out the Homeowners Resources section under good information on homes. As the seller, you may as well know what they’re going to uncover by receiving your own property inspection. Getting an inspection done before putting the home on the marketplace will help in many ways.


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