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Home Inspection Company Nashville

Home Inspection Company Nashville

The Tennessee Home Inspector is a best Home Inspection Company Nashville with full service of inspection firm and also providing radon testing. Its principal has been in the construction, real estate development, and consulting business since his graduation for many years. Tennessee Home Inspector has a highly professionally trained and certified staff available to meet and exceed your fast inspection needs. Primarily, the range of Tennessee Home Inspector work includes performing home inspections and radon testing for would-be owners, pre-listing inspections, and industrial inspections.

Home Inspection Company Nashville

Tennessee Home Inspector has been protecting home buyers in Nashville, Franklin, and the entire Middle Tennessee area for many years and will help you avoid buying a money well. Tennessee Home Inspector will take the essential time needed to explain each issue found during your home inspection so you will have a better understanding of any possible charges that may be involved in correcting your new and existing home. Within a few hours of the inspection you will be provided a completely comprehensive report that clearly describes all of the major and minor issues that were found and as a best Home Inspection Company Nashville, we will discuss. Don’t wait, schedule now with Tennessee Home Inspector!

best Home Inspection Company Nashville

Tennessee Home Inspector hold your hand through the entire inspection process and are available to you outside the inspection period.  Tennessee Home Inspector struggle to become your lifetime partner when it comes to home maintenance even after you are established in your new home. Tennessee Home Inspector also offer radon testing. Tennessee Home Inspector also offer new construction and pre-drywall (framing) inspections as perfect Home Inspection Company Nashville. We can furnish various consulting services on an as-needed basis as well.

New Home Inspections

New homes need inspecting! Many people simulate that just because a house is new that it does not need to be inspected. With the rapid rate that homes are being built, many items in homes are being ignored by builders and contractors. While many cities have their individual code inspectors that visit these home homes, they only look for code submission and nothing else. A professional Home Inspection Company Nashville averages two inspections per day while city code inspectors may visit homes in a day. Our professional Tennessee Home Inspector can perform a much more thorough inspection than the buyer, especially in areas such as the loft. 

Buyers Inspections or Existing Homes

Buyers inspections make up the popular of all home inspections. More homes are inspected every year as clients are understanding the importance of a professional Home Inspection Company Nashville. The home buyer will usually have 3 – 10 days to have one performed before proceeding with the home purchase. As with all types of inspections, the home’s components and systems from the roof down to the foundation are completely inspected, as well as any extra sections such as pools, spray systems, and sheds that the buyer may wish to include. Tennessee Home Inspector inspections always go beyond these minimum standards to give our clients the best inspection for their money.


The heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems will all be examined to ensure that they function properly. Kitchens, Bathrooms, and washing areas receive a thorough inspection, along with the loft and basement or crawl space. Tennessee Home Inspector invite you to come along and watch as we inspect your home, and you are free to ask any questions about your home inspection at any time during.

What Items Are Inspected?

Tennessee Home Inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of your home as professional Home Inspection Company Nashville, inside and out.
As an expert home inspector, we have the information and expertise to provide you with a thorough and professional, accurate, non-intrusive, visual inspection of your home, from roof to basis. Outside the home, Tennessee Home Inspector will check the exterior walls, roof, driveway, deck, and other major and minor things, then Tennessee Home Inspector will move inside to examine the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows. Here are some of the many items Tennessee Home Inspector will be looking at during your home inspection:

  •        Foundation and support structure
  •        Fireplaces
  •        Roof systems
  •        Water heater
  •        Ventilation
  •        Electrical service capacity & components
  •        Electrical branch circuits & components
  •        Structural integrity
  •        Steps and stairs
  •        Heating system
  •        Central Air Conditioning system
  •        Walks and driveways
  •        Built-in appliances
  •        Plumbing system & fixtures
  •        Garages
  •        Carports
  •        Surface drainage
  •        Windows & doors
  •        Insulation
  •        Gutters & downspouts
  •        Decks
Optional inspections include lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and outbuildings.

For more information on quality Home Inspection Company Nashville, please browse the rest of Tennessee Home Inspector website, and be assured to check out the Homeowners Resources section under good information on homes.

Why choose the Tennessee Home Inspector?

Tennessee Home Inspector has been inspecting in Tennessee for many years. We take many minor and major points so you can see exactly what the comments are describing and Tennessee Home Inspector devoted to providing you with valuable information about the structure and components in your new home which will be very useful for you. Tennessee Home Inspector thoroughly inspect all the major components and structures of the property to uncover unknown defects and help you become more well-informed about your purchase.

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